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 Living Sky School Division is situated in Saskatchewan and all lessons and units are developed to teach Saskatchewan Dance Education Outcomes.  Lessons are organized using a five part lesson plan format (as developed by Anne Green Gilbert), the music selections are primarily from the ‘Music for Creative Dance‘ CDs by Eric Chappelle.

Planning Format: Five Part Lesson Plan  

  1. Warm Up – introduce lesson concept
  2. Exploring the Concept – Explore the concept with structured improvisation and dance activities.
  3. Developing Skills – Learn and practice dance skills, language, phrases and combinations.
  4. Creating – Generate new movement ideas based on the lesson concept or theme.
  5. Cooling Down – Share, assess and review lesson. Prepare for transition using relaxing movements, music, etc.

All lessons and units are created by Ashley Johnson for Living Sky School Division as part of a Creative Partnership project in 2011 – 2013. Teachers are encouraged to use these resources and to adapt to suit the needs of your students:

Teacher Workshop PD  Teachers guide – Creative Dance



PreK dance developmental wheel

Pre Kindergarten Dance Lesson


Kindergarten Dance Activities

Kindergarten Dance and Math

Grade 1

Body Parts

Grade 3

Folk Dance – Relationships

Folk dance – Shapes

Grade 4

Body Parts 4

Direction 4

Shapes and Relationships 4

Rhythm and BD 1 (Brain Dance)

Rhythm and BD 2 (Brain Dance)

Grade 6

Body Parts

Dance activities

Grade 7 


Shapes and Relationships


Grade 8 

Body Parts




Creative Dance Activities: Kindergarten – Grade 8

Dance activities

Unit Plans

My Dancing Brain

Dancing Brain grade 3 (pdf)

Essential Question: How can I use brain dance to regulate my behaviour and still have fun creating?

Created by Ashley Johnson and Kitty Morin

This Land is Our Land: Treaty Relationships

Treaty Ed & Arts Ed gr 4 unit (pdf)

Arts Education (drama, dance) and Social Studies, Grade 3

Essential Question: How do cultures change and influence one another over time?

Created by: Sherron Burns, Rae Lyn Favel, Ashley Johnson &  Kimberlee Schlageter

Seeing Dance through Light

Dance & sciencegr 4 unit (pdf)

Arts Education (dance) and Science, grade 4

Essential Question: How can concepts about light be expressed through dance?

Created by: Ashley Johnson and Sarah Roche

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