Brain Dance

Brain Dance  is a set of eight developmental movement patterns that we do in the first year of life that wire the brain and nervous system.  Our social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development depends on the successful wiring of the brain.  Children and adults that have interruptions in these patterns have difficulties with some of the foundations of learning such as memory recall, hand eye co-ordination, self-regulation, and skill development in math and reading. These resources are adapted from the teachings of Anne Green Gilbert.

Brain Dance patterns

Breath (breathing)


Tactile (tapping, brushing, scratching)

patting desks

Core Distal (reaching outward and pulling inward)

gr 8 core

Head Tail (attention to the spine)


Upper Lower (upper or lower body)

Chapel 2

Body Side (one side of the body at a time)

gr 8 body side

Cross lateral (crossing the mid-line of the body)


Vestibular (spinning, rocking)

gr 4 vestibular

Brain Dance Handout – explanation of each pattern  Brain Dance

Brain Dance in the Classroom – activities to use with students as you teach the patterns Brain Dance in the classroom

Brain Dance Rhymes – rhymes to use with toddler to grade 1 Brain Dance Rhymes

Visit Anne Green Gilbert’s Creative Dance site for more information.

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