Early Learning

“[ChildrenIMG_9615] are extremely physical creatures – constantly moving, running and jumping. They react joyfully to opportunities for dancing, creative movement, physical dramatic play and being outdoors where they can move without constraint.”

– Copple & Bredekamp, 2009

How do we  shift the classroom environment to allow for accessibility of movement in a routine and daily manner?  How do we build confidence in teaching creative dance and using creative exploration? How do we help students explore different ways their bodies move and express how they feel when dancing?

prek dance developmental wheel

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circle time and Brain Dance rhymes

circle time and Brain Dance rhymes

Learning Domains

Learning Domains (click to open chart and to print).

“Dance in a Small World: PreK Environments” was made possible through an ArtsSmart grant (January 2015). We thankfully acknowledge financial support made possible by SaskCulture.

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