I Can Dance My Learning

When we think of intellectual activity, we always imagine people sitting still, motionless. But mental development must be connected with movement and be dependent on it.  ~ Maria Montessori

Living Sky School Division received an ArtsSmart grant for dance in Kindergarten called I Can Dance My Learning. Guest dancer, Ashley Johnson is working with six teachers and their students to explore Creative Dance and Brain Dance in the classroom. Check the Early Learning pages for lessons, videos and anchor images to reinforce concepts of dance.

4 shape

Working together to create shapes with our bodies.

buckle my shoe

Developing my body/side capability on the floor. (Brain dance)

cross lateral

Creative dance and floating scarves. Look how well I can move in a cross lateral pattern.

show me the webb

We can web our ideas on paper and show our learning with our bodies.


I can move off balance while on my chair and develop my vestibular system.

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Pre-K: Dance in a Small World

Ashley Johnson worked with PreK students and teachers to explore ways to dance every day and celebrate movement in learning. Thanks to an ArtsSmart grant (funded through SaskCulture), Living Sky School Division has been able to bring Ashley to work with 10 schools to model lessons, share resources and provide lots of support to our PreK teachers and EA’s. Check our new “Early Learning” page for resources. Thank you to our Early Learning Teachers and EAs who are so willing to dance, explore and play!


CutKnife prek

dancing with scarves

dance UPS prek

Over, under, through


balancing shapes


dancing in our classroom


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For many students

Friday the Last Day for Cellphone Ban in City Public Schools

A major change is set for the city’s public school students, as beginning Monday, they will be allowed to bring their cellphones to school. NY1’s Lindsey Christ filed the following report.

For many students, a morning ritual is about to change.

Friday was the last day of the cellphone ban in public schools, and the last day students needed to pay storage trucks and bodegas to hold their phones while they went to class.

“Basically, we have to find another way to make a living,” said Ariel Coronato, a truck company owner.

Trucks began appearing when the Bloomberg administration decided nine years ago to enforce the prohibition on students bringing cellphones and other electronics to school. The typical charge? $1 a day.

“It seems cheap, but then as time goes on, it becomes pretty expensive,” said one student.

Bodegas, competing for student foot traffic, also began offering the service, although several store owners NY1 talked to said they never felt comfortable holding so much expensive technology.

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“If you get caught with your phone for the first time, they just take it away for the day. But if you keep doing it constantly, they’re going to take it away for 30 days,” said one student.

But the High School for Graphic Communication Arts plans to collect all phones at the door every day and hold them until dismissal, which means the school will take on cheap jerseys the responsibility and liability.

“We got to move on,” one employee said.

But not quite yet. Just like principals who say they’re going to see how the new policies actually work, Coronato is not yet ready to hang up on his business.

“We’re just going to maintain the cost of having the truck, because we got to pay insurance, we got to pay parking. This is part of the cost that goes with it,” Coronato said. “So we’re going to continue to pay that for at least a month or two and see what happens, because they might need us back.


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Dance Across Living Sky

“To understand what I am saying, you have to believe that dance is something other than technique. We forget where the movements come from. They are born from life. ” – Pina Bausch

How do we create dances in the classroom? What does it mean to create dance using an “inquiry” process?


Grade 5 students create dance from poetry


Grade 4 students dance with painted feet to poetry.

To examine that question Living Sky is partnering with Dance SK and LIVE Arts to bring three innovative dance programs to classrooms across the province. Arts Educators and dance teachers are collaborating to develop workshops with students for LIVE Arts broadcasts.  Teachers can download the teacher guides and register their classes to watch and participate by going to their website to sign up for FREE.

Join in for LIVE programs:

  • March 6th – broadcast from McKitrick Community School with Grade 4 at 10:50am and Grade 5 at 1:10pm
    Tammy Tropeau (dancer) & Kerri Dakin (teacher)
  • March 20th – broadcast from Unity Comprehensive High School with grade 7 at 10:55am and grade 8 at 1:00pm
    Rae Ann Hydamaka (dancer) and Crystal Gilbert (teacher)
  • April 3 – broadcast from Maymont School with grade 6 at 10:45am and grade 9 at 1:10pm.
    Karla Kloeble (dancer) and Heather Cardin (teacher)



Students created this big idea for their dance inquiry.


Dancing is a feeling.



Can’t make the broadcast? You can also download the teacher guide and watch it archived by going to http://liveartsaskatchewan.com/archive/.  There are many programs available, all grades and all arts disciplines. Enjoy!