Indigenous Knowledge/Pedagogy

 Tansi? (Hello, How are you?) (Cree- Nehiyawe)

 Hau (Hello.)( Nakota, Dakota, Lakota)

Many First Nations families and communities are adamant that their cultural teachings and language be included in their child’s education.  We applaude our province for being among the first that  has provided the mandate to teach treaties in the classroom.  Entailed within treaty teaching of course, is Indigenous Knowledge and pedagogy.  For the non Native service providers, this can get a little tricky, because they may not have had a lot of exposure to this knowledge themselves. However; the desire is to do things right and  respectfully, yet they often don’t often know who to ask or what to do about their questions, as this is their first time sailing these waters. I would advise you to not be afraid, and just ask, that’s what I’m here for, but as well,  we could direct you toward local resource people and catalyst teacher training and resources available to help.  I have provided some links to help you to navigate through teaching indigenous knowledge and pedagogy and to help you to be that guide for your students to learn about the  histories, cultures and languages that spring up from this land. And even if you’re not teaching treaty, it’s good practice to have some basic understandings about your students to connect with them in a real way, whether it be through having some anti-racist educational background or cultural background, it can only enrich your teaching experience and relationship with the students.

Cheers, keep up the good work.