Try a Trade and Water Polo

On November 18 grades 10-12 boarded the bus to head into North Battleford. We spent the morning in the field house at try-a-trade walking around the booths. Students could learn about the opportunities available to them in the trades, from careers to the schools offering training for these jobs. We could ice cupcakes (and more importantly eat them), weld (or do a simulation), sit in an ambulance or RCMP vehicle, do the hair and makeup of a manikin head, or many other interesting activities.

At the conclusion of the educational portion of our trip, we had lunch and carried onto the Co-op Aquatic Centre for a couple matches of water polo. Three teams were formed, each equipped with a captain with experience in water polo from their days as competitive swimmers. Cassidy Serhienko’s team featured an all-female roster, complete with Mrs. Walker. This was a stark difference from the team chosen by Sean Brehon, as his was all male, save for one star player: Mikayla Laviolette. Meghan Brehon’s team had an equal showing of the genders, opting for more skill-oriented players (we lost). As we played the lifeguards carefully eyed how heavily the swimmers were hanging on the lane ropes in between their cheers at our brilliant show of talent in water polo. Mr. Nickell headed his (victorious) team from his firm station in the shallow end (always in reach of the ropes or the wall).

It was a fun day full of career learning and splashing.