Welcome Back Breakfast and Dedication Thursday, September 10th, 2015 @ 8:55 am

Parents and community members welcome!

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Maymont Talent/Drama Night!


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First Athletes of the Week!

MSAC (Maymont Student Athletic Committee) wants to boost athletics in our school.  One of their initiatives is to start and share their Athletes of the Week picks.  Without further adeui here they are:

Junior Female Athlete of the Week: Keara Amson

Keara has been training extremely hard for track and field.  She is training for the 100m, 200m, 400m, and discus.  In addition to demonstrating talent, intensity, and dedication her willingness to help others (especially the younger students) is truly and inspiration.  Keep up the good work Keara!

Junior Male Athlete of the Week: Dylan Bluecloud

Dylan can be found most, if not all days out on the field any chance he has.  He is demonstrating great talent in discus, shot put, and javelin.  Coaches and teammates haven taken notice of how Dylan trains with purpose and always strives to improve by practicing specific technique.  This approach to athletics also makes Dylan extremely coachable and receptive to constructive criticism.  Great work Dylan!

Senior Female Athlete of the Week: Autumn Amson

Autumn is one of our veteran track and field athletes.  Having already been to Provincials she is someone who everyone looks to as a leader, and she has not disappointed.  Autumn trains hard, dedicating a lot of her personal time to perfecting her craft Рdiscus.  She is well respected for her encouraging and respectful demeanour.  She has informally taken on the role of discus coach and is a great asset to our track team.  She will be missed as she graduates this year.   Best of luck Autumn!

Senior Male Athlete of the Week: Sean Brehon

Sean has been training extremely hard for the 1500m. ¬†This coupled with swimming and work has made him very busy. ¬†He was instrumental in helping develop our long distance training program and has been a mentor to our other runners. ¬†He is also a testament to the old saying “hard work pays off” as he has improved his technique and time tremendously. ¬†Keep it up Sean!

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Because Sportsmanship Deserves Pancakes!

MCS and MCS School Community Council are hosting a pancake breakfast on Wed, December 10th. The breakfast is to celebrate our Senior Boys Soccer team being awarded this year’s Sportsmanship Award. Breakfast will start at 8:45 a.m. and the award presentation will be at 9:30 a.m. Everyone welcome!

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Home Logic

Thank-you to everyone who came to student-led conferences.¬† It was so exciting to hear students dialogue with parents about their learning!¬† Another powerful¬†communication tool that is now available to us is Home Logic.¬† This is a link that parents can access to view information such as attendance and grades for their children.¬† Once you have registered you will be given a username and password that allows you onto the site.¬† It will automatically be set up for all children that you have in Living Sky School Division No. 202.¬† Parents will only be able to view the progress of their own children.¬† To sign up there is a home logic link on our website at the top of the page.¬† This link provides some instructions as well as the link to the site ‚Äď Please sign up.¬† If you have trouble signing in please contact the school and someone should be able to help you.

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Wall Climbing

Recently grade 10-12 Phys Ed students had the opportunity to test their skills at wall climbing at Grip It Climbing in Saskatoon.  After some confusion with liability waivers students suited up in harnesses and rock climbing shoes and took to the walls.  Instructors helped with basic tips on grips and foot/hand placements.  Students were instructed on the physics and safety of wall climbing and were given some impressive demonstrations by the instructors themselves.  A number of students made it all the way to the top of the wall.  Nobody made it on the more difficult walls.  I believe Mr. Nickell climbed the highest, but he is a direct decadent of Spider Man so that makes sense.  The day wrapped up with a heated race to the top between Mr. Fouhy and Mr. Nickell.  Despite a large fan base Mr. Fouhy was ultimately defeated and picked himself, along with his pride, up off the floor.

Katy looks up as Autumn tackles the wall

Katlyn looks up as Connor tackles the wall

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Student Led Conferences

Just a reminder that Student Led Conferences start this evening 5-8pm and continue on till tomorrow 5-8pm. If any parents or guardians have not booked their times yet, please contact Christine at 389-2045


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*FREE * movie night at Maymont Central School!

On Friday December 5 there will be a free family movie night for all students and their families in the gym at Maymont Central. We will be showing “ELF” which is a fun holiday movie for all. Popcorn and drinks will be served . Bring a sleeping bag to find a comfy place on the floor. Doors open at 7pm movie starts at 730pm.
* this is a family event , children must be accompanied by their parents/ guardian.
* please bring a non perishable food item for us to donate
* there will also be a Silver Plate for donations for us to donate as well

Sponsored by your SCC

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High School Scuba Diving

Recently 20 of the grade 10, 11 and 12 RTI students took a day to go through the Discovery Scuba program at the North Battleford Co-op Aquatic Center. With some apprehension students learned the basics of putting on the gear and using the respirators, gauges and switches while underwater. The students learned quickly, picked up the necessary skills and where very successful. Best of all we all had a fantastic time. The students are all pining to go and do it again. A special thanks goes out to our instructor Dennis McCullough, The Battleford Co-op Aquatic Center, and Battleford Agency Tribal Chiefs whose grant allows this program to be offered free for high school students.

The group under water, can you spot whose who?

The group under water, can you spot whose who?

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